Stronghold is about Dungeons and Dragons, friends, captivating storytelling, and one man’s obsession with his kitten. We love D&D and we think it should be shared with everyone as a medium for friends to get together and have fun.

Who We Are

Sean loves rocks and RPGs- giving him his unique penchant for building geologically realistic worlds. To date, none of his players have ever asked him to elaborate though.

Don is a software engineer and professional geek. He collects vinyl and still thinks the word “yeet” is cool.

Brent is a huge nerd, coffee enthusiast, and loves good music. If he were a pokémon, he would be that cool squirtle from the squirtle squad with the sunglasses.

Collin is a barista (pronounced homeless), and wants an iPad.

Chali likes cooking, puns, and cheese. Any recipes, jokes, or cheese selections you could send his way would be grate.

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