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Stronghold-Ep 01: The Messenger

In the first episode of Stronghold: the crew introduces themselves, and encounters a shady messenger with some troublesome news!

Stronghold-Ep 02: The Departure

The crew recovers from a battle and sets out on a journey that could change the course of their entire lives!

Stronghold-Ep 03: The Barrow

The crew engages in dangerous combat, and discovers a dark secret about the skeletal forces!

Stronghold-Ep 04: The King

The crew dines with the king, and must avoid raising suspicion at the barrow.

Stronghold-Ep 05: The Assassination

The crew tries to be sneaky, and Thomas must make a very dangerous decision.

Stronghold-Ep 06: The Well

The crew explores the new world, and Dramen has a rough time.

Stronghold-Ep 07: The Tragedy

The crew deals with the aftermath of their brawl down, and Freddy gets inspirational.

Stronghold-Ep 08: The Strangers

The crew keeps moving, and discovers a "safe" spot to set up camp.

Stronghold-Ep 09a: The Fish

We follow Dramen along on his character building long rest.

Stronghold-Ep 09b: The Fight

We follow Thomas along on his character building long rest.

Stronghold-Ep 09c: The Fire

We follow Freddy along on his character building long rest.

Stronghold-Ep 10: The Quest

The crew finishes up their time with Lin and Run, and takes on a new dangerous quest.

Stronghold-Ep 11: The Merchant

The crew meets up with a stranger, and tries out their bargaining skills.

Stronghold-Ep 12: The Ruins

The crew finds some mysterious ruins, and Thomas does what he does best.

Stronghold-Ep 13: The Wolf

The crew explores the ruins, and decides to hole up for the night.

Stronghold-Ep 14: The Morning

The crew has a lupine encounter, and Dramen refuses to wake up.

Stronghold-Ep 15: The Alpha

In the season one finale, the crew finally faces the big baddy.

Season 2: Behind the Portcullis

An interview with the cast of Stronghold: Season 1.

S02-E01: The Storm

In the first episode of Stronghold Season 2, the crew goes spelunking.

S02-E02: The Pass

The crew becomes professional igloo builders.

S02-E06: The Ascent

The crew tries to make it up the cliffside.

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