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S02-E13: The Escape

In the season two finale, the crew makes their escape from the frost giant stronghold.

S03-E01: The Ship

In the first episode of Stronghold Season 3, the crew sets sail.

S03-E04: The First Impression

The crew establishes a stable sleep schedule.

S03-E06: The Hunter

The crew is what's new in town.

S03-E07: The Story-Teller

The crew finds out who's their daddy.

S03-E09: The Phantom

The crew deals with a shady individual.

S03-E13: The Afternoon

The crew gets a new sneaky "friend."

S03-E14: The Showdown

The crew handles some family matters.

S03-E16: The Ghost Town

In the season three finale, the crew faces the ghostiest ghost that ever ghosted.

S04-E01: The Dinner Party

In the first episode of Stronghold Season 4, the crew pays up.

S04-E05: The Forest

The crew makes an out of this world acquaintance.

S04-E06: The Sport

The crew end up in a fight leaving them barking up the wrong tree.

S04-E07: The Downtime

The crew rests, trains, and even makes a new friend.

S04-E08: The Deal

The crew goes for a looooooong walk.

S04-E09: The Return

The crew do a hole lot of prep for their travels.

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